Who we are

Program we are offering is a series of empowering experiences, which allows boys and girls and adults to do great things on their own. In each of our classes
students will find meaningful opportunities for building self-confidence and
self-discovery. From our beginning lessons to our advanced racing team
lessons the classes offer skills and memories for a lifetime. Topping
it off is the backdrop of our beautiful Lake Michigan shoreline.

Our mission is to assist youth and adults to learning to sailing and water
safety at a reasonable price, and cultivate an appreciation of our natural
resources and birthright, the waters off Sheboygan , Wisconsin.

News and Updates


One week until the start of the 2016 SYSC sailing season (June 13th) but there is still time to register for classes.

Space is limited! Register now!!!!

Please note our Monday night Adult Level I class is now closed due to full attendance but openings are still available on Thursday night for Adult Level I


OPEN HOUSE 4pm-7pm- Stop in and sign up for classes or come see what the Sheboygan Youth Sailing Center is all about.


July 11 starts our youth Paddleboarding/Windsurfing classes and Thursday July 14 starts our Adult Paddleboarding/Windsurfing classes- Learn to Paddleboard and/or Windsurf.

We have 8 week long sailing sessions (5 for paddleboarding/windsurfing) for Youth lessons throughout the summer and remember once you sign up for a lesson for 2016 and have demonstrated your sailing skills (even if that was in 2015 or earlier) you can come to free sail Friday for the summer. Take a lesson week 1 and sail every Friday through mid-August for free.

We are looking forward to an exciting summer of sailing, windsurfing and paddleboarding! Most of your favorite Instructors are coming BACK and looking forward to teaching you how to become a better sailor, See you on the water

Instructor Spotlight

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Sailing Myths

Myth #1 - Sailing is usally slow and so boring!!
Is it?

Private Sailing Experience

Private Sailing ExperienceNew in 2012, this Class is designed for the person or people(up to 4) that would like a more private lesson designed specifically for their personal interests and ability. The Instructors will instruct you at whatever level you are comfortable. We will ask a few questions to help us understand what your expectation is for the class. Are you a Beginner sailor/windsurfer just starting out, Intermediate sailor/windsurfer looking for experience on different kinds of Equipment, a family outing to give them a sailing experience, a parent/child experience, a couples experience, friends outing, and the list goes on...

We offer a full schedule of daytime and evening classes from beginner to racer – if these don’t fit your schedule try the Personal Sailing Experience.

Cost for 1 Person Experience = $75.00/hour
Cost for 2 – 4 Person Experience = $50.00/hour/person

Please contact us AT LEAST 1 week prior to schedule a time that works for you and our Instructors.

Junior Sailing Team

SYSC Sailing TeamThe SYSC Sailing Team is open to anyone willing to learn racing, and having fun while doing it! We teach tactics and techniques designed to teach the fundamentals in starting races, sailing up wind, sailing down wind, long distance racing and teamwork. When on the SYSC Youth Sailing Team, there are around 3 regattas we attend each summer. The main goal of the race team is to have fun, and become a part of a team and the sailing community.

You can save $150.00 by volunteering 30 hours over the course of the summer!! You can help the instructors clean boats, repair boats, and help out with classes as well!

Contact us to learn more or register now !